Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring Cleaning

Vicki here--Here is my card using Just Some Lines' "Gab more pleasant" image.  She is  placed on a background of various scraps of decorative paper.  They remind me of various fabrics in the house that she is preparing to clean.  Gab looks like she is taking a break though from cleaning and thinking about more pleasant Spring-type things.  She is colored with Copic markers.  The sentiment is also by Just Some Lines.


  1. Yes those scrap in the back look like material and it looks wonderful!!!
    I am not sure but is she cleaning O'natural :D)) Love it!

  2. ROFL at Jehanne - this is too cute! Can she come clean my house next?

  3. Ha that is hilarious Jehanne, she does appear to be cleaning in the nude LOL. Great card Vicki!!


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